Bien Sabroso | 11/23/03

Today was not exactly what one might call "productive". I woke up around 6am to a mysterious phone call. They hung up on me. I had 104 (literally) IM's waiting for me when I finally crawled out of bed around 11am. I tried to watch Caddyshack last night but fell asleep about halfway through. It was only the third time in the past seven years I've fallen asleep with my contacts in. I got my ass kicked in online Euchre in the time before the MnS small group recording session. I also spent my morning finding all the old Mas N' Steel pictures from the old site and putting them up. I was too lazy to change the imagemapping of the pan graphic to incorporate the new "Old Pictures" section. The hardest part was coming up with witty captions for pictures where I didn't know anyone. Jamie brought me some McDonalds for lunch at the beginning of the session but after a vein got stuck in my teeth I only ate french fries. The time went by quickly, with us recording from about 1:10 to 3:30. We got eight tracks recorded but only six of them were usable. Unfortunately, the best two pieces (Bien Sabroso and Sol Fuego) were somehow stopped halfway though. I guess listening to them halfway though was a bad idea. After rehearsal Matt came over and worked on a paper while I did all the edits to the track. I made CDs for everyone in the group of the decent songs. I looked online for some clues on how to set up the massive filters for my new aquarium. I couldn't find anything, so I'm kind of stuck. I do need to go back to PetCo to get some new sharks. The dead ones are currently in my fridge. I need to get rid of them before Alex comes over and mistakes them for delicious sardines. The only thing on my agenda tonight is to get organized. Sadly, that encompasses a mass cleaning, dishes, grading quizzes, preparing applications, and going to PetCo. I'd love to eat some chicken alfredo for dinner but I'm feeling way too lazy to accomplish such a meal. I might settle for Tostitos and Kit-Kat bars. Just kidding, Matt ate all my Tostitos.

Update:I sucked it up and redid the imagemap of that stupid pan on the main page and the link to the old pictures work. I also put that little bubble coming from the pan.




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