Poker Night | 03/11/07

Ah, Poker Night. The four of us trotted over to Renee and Ian's around 6:30 to settle in to some poker. Ian made some sort of delicious chicken and mashed potato dish (how can you lose with that combination?) and Chris volunteered some of now-famous pepperoni bread. Ian was the star of the show, ending his string of 2nd place finishes and ruining the nights of everyone else. We stuck around to see if Renee could make a comeback against her boy toy but it was not to be. After leaving our $5 in Ian's wallet we adjourned home. Once there Chris and I broke out some red wine and Jamie and Mike(r) met up with Carlos for a night of dancing. Since Chris and I are old we fell asleep early and the rest of the part returned around 3am-ish.

Week 7
1) Ian (RG, MC, MR)
2) Renee (CE)
3) Mike (CP,JB)
4) Chris
5) Michael
6) Christen
7) Jamie

PCS Standings
1) Mike (2.28) [15 Kills]
T2) Ian (3.00) [6 Kills]
T2) Amy (3.00) [0 Kills]
4) Chris (3.14) [8 Kills]
5) Jamie (4.80) [4 Kills]
6) Christen (5.00) [2 Kills]
7) Renee (5.70) [2 Kill]
8) Tim (7.00) [0 Kills]


KBS (Unknown)

Where was that picture taken? It's not Renee and Ian's it?

Mike (Unknown)

No, it's at my house from the last time we played here and I'd been meaning to use it since.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Geez...after waiting all that time for an update to the site and the PCS standings, I see that I've moved down to fourth. Ouch. Crappiest update ever.



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