12 Of 12: Chris and Mike Edition | 03/12/07

As inspired by the Untitled Chad Darnell Project.

2:30 am: Chris and I have finished our wine for the night and we are awaiting the return of our significant others. The contrast was pretty poor because of the lack of the light so I took the liberty of adjusting the contrast so you could see the clock through the wine glasses.

11:00am: I finally woke up and let the dogs out. They took the liberty of finding their own breakfast (acorns) and bringing all of the shells inside of my freshly-vacuumed carpet.

1:30pm: Time for Gordo's. This is the inside of my El Gordo. You call those little nuggets of meat bacon? Come on! We learned that the main guy that runs it is some sort of sex pervert and in jail for having a bunch of lewd, underage pictures. Just what I want to be thinking about while they're making my food.

3:00pm: Chris, Kevin and Michael. You might notice I already used this picture once a few days ago but with Kevin photoshopped out. Sorry buddy! You probably can't tell from this picture but Kevin's got biceps so big they have their own biceps. And just look at those pearly whites.

3:30pm: So Chris and I are going to SBUX and we get stuck behind this fire truck. Turns out this car "accidentally" drove forward instead of reverse, went over the Bank of America embankment (raised) and came to rest atop this other car. Fortunately no one was hurt and it was right outside where we were sitting. The guy who didn't know how to operate his transmission told a terrible lie saying that some other phantom car had rammed him from the SBUX lot (???), his car flew up in the air and landed on the other car. Whoa dude. That's enough excitement for one iced venti vanilla latte.

4:45pm: Nothing like a little dog nap in the middle of an exciting day.

6:15pm: Here's me cooking three packages of Japanese Chicken. Remind me not to wear that shirt again; it looks so emo. And that reminds me of a joke: I wish my lawn were emo so it would cut itself.

8:00pm: We are very excited to be going to Leon Pub.

10:45pm: Sorry to wake you up pup but it's time to play Apples to Apples (again).

12:15am: You can't tell from this stunning overhead shot but the coffee table is actually off the ground because Michael and I had so many victory cards. I'm going to have to say that being inside the sun is the most uncomfortable. Inside The Sun. -Jimmy

1:30am: It's late but who cares. I'm about to play by The Common Loon card for the word "Ordinary". Chris correctly judged it to be the winner. Sorry Heather, Festering Wounds was just not appropriate.

2:30am: With all of the rooms, beds and couches booked at the inn poor Chompy has to sleep on the floor. Man, that picture is funny.

BONUS: Our guests of honor.


KBS (Unknown)

Hahahahahahahaha - Chompy's squished face had me cracking up! Awesome set of pics!



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