Man From Tallahassee | 03/21/07

The LOST writers really have it in for Tallahassee. Sawyer got his STD here. It was referred to as "all strip malls and Waffle Houses" and now it seems John Locke's abusive, kidney-thieving father is "The Man From Tallahassee". Great. I admit, it's in the greatest town in the world but come on now.

I watched the show online because last night I had a steel drum practice and an impromptu poker game. Playing the music for this upcoming gig reminded me why people don't take steel drum music seriously at all. What crap. Anyway, I managed to win the unsanctioned, free poker game so that made up for a solidly mediocre rehearsal. Sorry Matt and Jara, but it's like all the music that comes out of UM(O) is really, really lame. I thought FSU's stockpile was dull but man, if I have to play one more three chord song in the key of F I'm going to shoot myself.


BU (Unknown)

Well Tallahassee IS the STD of the US.



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