Pajama Party | 11/22/03

I'm not sure how exactly I managed to waste today. I woke up at 8 after a crazy dream that involved some sort of emo record store and me and this guy from my History of Music Theory class having to do 30ft flying kicks at the exact same time to knock down these white-brick walls in order to escape a fire we caused by us dragging this carpet full of stuff so we would haven't to walk all the way over to look at it. Man, I'm even lazy in my dreams. I woke up right before we died and printed out a bunch of job ads. As I was preparing them for mailing Jamie IM'd me and told me that Doug (of Trading Spaces fame) was going to be at her friend's store to get some crappy table. After the fight I had with my dull extended family over what is artistic and what is not last Christmas, I was hoping Doug would sign a sheet of paper validating that putting straw dolls on the walls is neither "artistic" nor "attractive" in the least. We waited there for about an hour with Jamie's roommate, sister and mom but Dougy never showed up. How Dougesque. I went to go see an aquarium that was for sale to see if it would work as a Christmas present for my dad. It was really, really, nice complete with solid wood stand with cabinets and a filter big enough to keep the FSU water supply clean for years (maybe I should offer them this). It looks to be about 65-70 gallons and it took me two trips to get it all home. It was only $150 for the whole set-up and I felt bad for the guy selling it, with tears in his eyes as he said good-bye. It probably cost him about $3k for the whole thing, not to mention the exotic fishes of which he spoke. After I coerced Chris into helping me carry it up the three flights of stairs, he made dinner for me and Mike, delicious veal with garlic mashed potatoes. After they left, I tried to assemble the aquarium (which will be residing with me, since it's too big to bring home) but there are so many tubes and pipes and cords I'm afraid to try anything. Also, it needs a serious cleaning. After messing with that for a while I took a shower, fully prepared to go to this "PJ Party". Alas, since I was only going to know a few people and I was going to be in my PJ's, I decided to have a PJ party with Chompy instead. She sleeps naked, of course, so I guess I'm really the only one having the party. There are so many things I could do but I don't really feel like doing any of them. Tomorrow we're supposed to get together to record some steel drum music. I hope everyone remembers. I should call them and remind them...




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