Gator Nation | 03/27/07

The University of Florida Faculty Senate refused to give former Governor Bush an honorary doctorate from UF. Why wouldn't you? He favored your school the most. He gave you the most money. Your flag was second in line at the governor's mansion after FSU's, which had to be first since this is Tallahassee.

Speaking of the University of Florida, I really hate their Gator Nation ads. They go something like this: "Go Gators. Go Gators. Go start a Fortune 500 Company. Go write the great American Novel. Go cure cancer. Go to Mars. Go Gators". Sounds a little suspicious to me...

I don't doubt that both UF and FSU have had their share of Fortune 500 CEO's. Both have fair business schools and I'd certainly be willing to concede that UF's would be better than FSU's. It's everything else I have a problem with.

The Great American novel - Mark Winegardner (FSU)

Cure Cancer - Taxol (FSU)

Mars - Astronaut (FSU)

I'm not saying FSU is superior to UF; it's not. UF is better at more things. I just think it was stupid to use all the things FSU is better at in their commercials. (Go State!)


SC (Unknown)

Western just hired a new prof who is a FSU graduate.

Taylor8ten (Unknown)

Sounds like a lot of whining to me. The Gator Nation is proud of its heritage, proud of its athletic and academic records, and, like FSU, is given the opportunity in numerous commericials covering their respective schools, to Brag about these very positive facts! Boohoo!

Mike (Unknown)

Every school is proud of his heritage. I don't know how that's whining. I'm guessing that your capitalization of "Brag" isn't from receiving a doctorate in German from UF.



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