April Fools! | 04/01/07

This weekend Jamie and I headed over to Christine and Erick's for some ping pong and nerf arrow shooting. Although the fire pit was not full of burning furniture we did have a good time out in the country. Their dog Zeke could put the fear of God into any living thing. Unlike Abby, Zeke is a real German Shepard: all black and 100+ pounds of bone-rattling fear. He was trained really, really well though (fortunately) and I'm pleased to report that the most dog-damage done to me is still from Jamie's sister's Springer Spaniel.

I think the sad reality of poker is that I am simply unstoppable. Granted, it's hard to lose when you're getting four 9s so I can't really attribute my winning to any sort of discernible skill aside from not folding four of a kind.

Week 9
1) Mike (AA,CE,RG)
2) Renee (CP, IH)
3) Ian
4) Christian
5) Chris
6) Amy

PCS Standings
1) Mike (2.00) [20]
2) Ian (3.00) [6]
3) Chris (3.22) [9]
4) Amy (4.00) [0]
T5) Jamie (4.83) [4]
T5) Christen (4.83) [2]
7) Renee (5.00) [3]
8) Tim (7.00) [0]




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