Play Desktop Defender | 04/03/07

Ok, I know I wrote about Desktop Defender a few weeks ago but they've gone through two updates since then. So far the only person that has been hooked is the Desktop Defender himself...and he's a lot better than me so if you're going to join try to be worse than me so you don't go bumping all my scores down.

For Easter Jamie and I are going up to Chicago to see my family, visit DePaul and take in a Cubs' game (in Milwaukee the day we fly in). The Brewers look pretty good this year and it's hard to root against seeing as I went to college right there. I really don't mind the Reds and Brewers winning (except against the Cubs of course) as long as the Cardinals and Astros stay at the bottom of the division.


MC (Unknown)

Does this work?

SC (Unknown)

Just got a ticket for cubs v cards.

jeff (Unknown)


rob (Unknown)

why cant i play!

rob (Unknown)

why cant i play!

drew (Unknown)

this is stupid you should go get a life

bob (Unknown)

pie makes me high




it didnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gay or wot

Mike (Unknown)


not working (Unknown)

plz fix link or get it working..




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