Happy Birthday Michael! | 04/04/07

Birthday wishes (and graphics) go out to Michael Rittling on his special day! Maybe your Indiana-Birthdays be as exciting as the ones you spent with us.

Last night I went out to coach soccer practice and was recruited to help out a girls' team. After I got back I watched the last four innings of Ted Lilly shutting down the Reds and then Jamie and I settled into Lost.

Was that a snoozer or what? From the previews it looked like it was going to be really exciting but Sawyer trying to make people happy (how long did it take you to figure out there wasn't really a vote, like 5 seconds?) and after Kate and Juliet were handcuffed and muddy they didn't even make out! Isn't that what girls do after they fight? Make out? At least we got to see the intertwining of Kate and Sawyer's stories; those are what I'm really interested in seeing at this point.


Mikey Ray (Unknown)

Wow, that's some forehead there . . .

Mike C (Unknown)

Welcome to my world. Except every day.

Jamie (Unknown)


Elena (Unknown)

Happy Bday Miker! I actually enjoyed this episode of Lost. I'm beginning to like Juliet, though when we got to the part where she pulled out the key to the handcuffs, I was like, WHAT!?!? Maybe she is evil!



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