Happy Easter! | 04/05/07

Jamie and I leave for Chicago bright and early Saturday morning so please do not to be too heart-broken waiting for my insightful commentary on life until Tuesday when we return.

I've been playing some Euchre online and the personalities that exist in Yahoo Games is just ridiculous. In the Advanced rooms everything things everyone else is cheating and about 60% of the people will let you know it. It doesn't matter if you've never played a game with your partner--you surely must be cheating because it's simply out of the realm of possibility that someone else might be able to take a trick from you. Now, when Jamie and I play together we totally cheat. Since we're in the same house it's easy to confer suits or what to lead on a loner to ensure some trump coming out. Really though I don't think we win any more games with each other than we do with other people when we're not cheating so many we should spare my neighbors the yelling of "HOW MANY HEARTS DO YOU HAVE" (got any sheep?).


SC (Unknown)

Want to cheat state-to-state?

mike (Unknown)

If you can cheat fast.



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