Haircut Avoidance | 11/21/03

I was supposed to get a haircut today but didn't out of my fear that I'd look very, very old afterwards. Not that I enjoy getting carded every time I buy beer, but seriously, I'd just like to look my age. In class we examined some old treatises, from the Forte collection. The books were about 200 years old and I wouldn't be surprised to find at least two or three new strains of penicillin from the mold growing on the pages. At least my constant sneezing and coughing kept me awake, which is more than I could say for some of my classmates. I wasted the afternoon doing dishes and cleaning up after the dog, who apparently can now open the cabinets in the kitchen (at first to get new toys out but now trash). Although she was horrible I still went to the dog park with Jamie (and the Ab), Matt (with his new 14 wk old pup, Sally) and Chompy. We arrived to run into Ryan Lewis with his brother and his (Ryan's) beagle, Hanna(h). Later some of Jamie's roommates showed up and we huddled around Sally to protect her and to keep ourselves warm (it was 64F). Chompy did not protect me as well as she usually does, especially when we first got there. Any dog could have potentially killed me. After about a half-hour, though, she came to her senses and took to defending our little group with Sally against this AKC German-Shepard that easily had her doubled in weight. She did a fine job, though, and although she fell down every now and then while jumping to stay in its face, the GS didn't really "take her down". Nor did Chompy even allow it to get close to us. The Ab is starting to get big enough that it takes Chompy some work to take her down and even will get the occasional take down of my Pit. After the dog park, I went to PetCo. and found that they did not have replacement sharks for the two I had that died. They did accept a leash that Chompy ate even though the receipt was for something else. It shouldn't have mattered, those leashes are supposed to be dog-chew proof; at least that's what they say on the packaging. I went to the opera with Chris and one my students, Audrey. It was done well but man, that is a long opera. Some of the theory kids and I went out to Bennigan's afterwards and the majority of the major opera "stars" were there. No one wanted to hang out after we ate so I went home and went to bed.




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