Oh, Juliet | 04/11/07

Why! Why?!?!?!?! Juliet, how could you??? Look at all that punctuation. That's how upset I am that Juliet is a traitor. For as many things in Lost as I have predicted accurately I really thought Juliet was one of the "good guys". Maybe I just really wanted to believe that she was. Either way, I was shocked last night to see the scene where she and Ben were going over their plan. I thought she hated Ben! Poor Jack, I wonder if they'll kill him once it's revealed he was helping out Juliet. Speaking of Lost-Death I'm glad they didn't bring back to life the sand-eaters from a few episodes back. In fact, I'm glad they just kind of glossed over the fact they were buried alive. No one cared about them anyway. What did I do before Lost? I seem to have Lost nightmares a lot: two nights ago I dreamt Sayid was torturing me while Jack and Anna Lucia (remember her?) watched. That was unfortunate. Last night I dreamt I had $60 bill in my pocket and an arcade change machine wouldn't accept it. I wonder what that means.

I'm still in the process of resizing all of my Easter photos but once I have those done then I'll do my back-post for the past week, which was way more interesting than most of my normal weeks.


Jamie (Unknown)

I can't believe you didn't predict that! Usually you predict everything and I am stupidly surprised. I called this last week...that they didn't really leave her. The preview of the next episode looks too violent for me, but of course I'll have to watch it. Yay for Lost!

KBS (Unknown)

I still think she might be a "good guy," but is playing along with the whole traitor thing to get her away from Ben and the Others. Then when the Others come back for her, she will side with the good guys. Maybe...who knows. And don't you forget about the sand-eaters - they WILL come back in a future episode, I guarantee it.

Mike (Unknown)

I hope she's a "good guy". We know her back story which is usually indicative of the people we're supposed to know and love.

I hate the Sand Eaters. If they come back it better be in someone else's flashback because by now they surely must be dead.

BU (Unknown)

For all we know, Jack could be in on it too!

Mike (Unknown)

No way--the music was way too innocent when he was walking around smiling at her at the end. He's just a pawn in their wicked (I typed wicket twice) game.

Elena (Unknown)

Last night's episode was soooo good. I can't wait for the next one. My jaw just dropped when I saw Juliet and Ben conspiring, cause like you, I was just sure she was good. Chris has been convinced since the beginning that she was an evil bitch.

Mike (Unknown)

Elena, I'm not sure what it is about your comments but it totally tricks my form into putting your comments first. Weirdy!

Apparently we're the only dumb people watching Lost. Oh well.

BU (Unknown)

Look I'm in Guam! (GMT +10)

Elena (Unknown)

Yeah, I came back to read the rest of the comments and I was wondering how I'd finagled the top spot.



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