Belated 12 of 12 | 04/12/07

Ok, I messed up my 12 of 12 and I had a choice: doctor all of the photos or make a dog-o-llage. Obviously, I opted for the second entry method. My underlying goal is simply to make you say "TOO CUTE" while looking at the adorable pictures of my dog. Since this is a weekend entry:

On Saturday we Kicked Rape in the Balls and were the last place team at the Refuge House kickball tournament. Thanks to: Ricky, AJ, Christine, Erick, Vince and Joe for coming. We lost 2-1 despite my stellar 2/3 at the plate and an inning of shutout pitching. The wind was absolutely howling so while we played small ball on our field, the teams playing diagonally across from us (with the field facing the opposite way) played a 19-10 slugfest. Our team was more suited for power so we'll just have to make sure we get the good field next year. After the game I took a nap because I was so sore. It's embarrassing when you hit a point in your life when you're sore from kickball.

Since I've given up on watching DH on Sunday and didn't want to be stuck watching only one TV show a week I've filled the void with Planet Earth on Sunday nights on the Discovery Channel. It's a total nerd show but has been pretty cool so far. If nothing else it enables me to see commercials so I know what people are talking about in civilized conversation.


SC (Unknown)

She is so damn cute.

Tree (Unknown)

Kickball sounds like fun, tho softball just kicks more ass.



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