I know I'm like 8 Years Old | 04/17/07

Ok, I know that picture should only make a 4th grader chuckle but I couldn't help myself. I had a pounding headache all day that didn't really clear up until around 10pm. I tried to nap it away in the afternoon but all my dreams involved me carrying things (in one of them, a telephone pole) so I didn't really get a very relaxing sleep.

Notice on Brian's blog his header graphic is all fuzzy now? He should change domains from the urizone to the blurizone. Hah! I am too clever.

In other news, the Cubs lost in 14 innings to the Padres. Because of my nap I didn't wake up until the 5th inning--who knew I'd get another full nine? With Alfonso Soriano hurt they brought up phenom Felix Pie who did a pretty darn good job in center. Maybe they should have saved the $136m they spent on Soriano and gotten some people to replace Murton and, my most hated player, Ronny Cedeno. Thankfully they're both bench players so I don't have to look at their ugly mugs very often but I still hate them. Ryan Theriot can stay because hey, he's Ryan The Riot.


BU (Unknown)

Where is this zeppelin and why is it red?

Mike (Unknown)

I had one but it was ugly. It's red because Jin on Lost always said "Miker!" which got us to start calling the show Rost which got my to call it Red Zeppelin.



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