Jump For Joy | 04/18/07

My Good Samaritan status went up considerably last night after providing, that's right, two engine jumps last night. The first was for Ricky whose car stalled out in the middle of a downpour downtown. The next one was after soccer practice--some guy who just flew back into town and had to jump his car at the airport. He apparently turned it off out of habit. Oops. I figure I still have about 100 jumps left to give before I've broken even.

After soccer practice Jamie met up with me and we trotted over to Gordo's to meet up with Ricky & Co. for some grub and general revelry. We hung out with them for a couple hours before cruising home for Lost.

I knew Charlie wasn't going to get shot with the arrow but I was hoping he'd still find a way to die after tampering with the "natural flow of things". I'm not sure how many episodes are left of Jack being the main character before Desmond totally takes over. I don't really understand why he had to recruit Charlie, Hurley and Jin to go with him into the jungle though--wasn't it going to happen anyway with no provocation?

What are you doing, figuring out who's your favorite Other? -Sawyer


Elena (Unknown)

I loved the comment about the mix tape too AND Jin telling that ghost story was HILARIOUS!

Mike (Unknown)

I had forgotten all about the ghost story! It's amazing how clever their writers are. If I were the actor playing Sawyer I would wake up thanking God every day I got to say such awesome lines.

Tree (Unknown)

This is a comment on the jumping starts since I do not watch this show "Loiter" or whatever its called. You're doing well in the world of Karma.



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