Abby Birthday | 04/20/07

Like most creepy pet owners, Jamie and I celebrated Abby's birthday on April 20th. She's the big 4. Unfortunately my dog mistook the event for her birthday and decided most of the new toys were hers. Oh well. Happy Birthday Abs!!!

Christine and I went out to lunch at the Red Elephant and I think they're starting to think I show up with a different girl every few days that I make pay for me. Haha. Too bad I don't know many more girls or I'd keep doing it.

Haven't had much luck finding a new job. Several interviews but some of these jobs are for very entry level programmers and, while it's frightening to think my career path has spread out this far, I'm solidly mid-level now.

Finally, you will notice that Mark and Ricky have been re-added to the Guilt Links.


Tree (Unknown)

Awesome. Now my endless rhetoric can be spread through out the land! Interesting that Abby shares Pot Day / Adolf Hilter's birthday. Ich bein ein Absliner!



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