Guitar Hero | 04/23/07

I am not a Guitar Hero. Last night I went over to Ricky's for a night of relaxing and we worked out way through a lot of the songs on both GH and GH2. Although I played with Steve once the previous experience didn't really help me. Neither did the fact that I knew how the songs went. Neither did the fact I was playing the bass part. On easy. Believe it or not, I actually learned a little bit about my regular musicianship while playing--if there is a section of music I can't play I fake it. I have caught myself doing that at various times in my life on practically every instrument I've played but it didn't really sink in until I saw the percentages of right/wrong notes. I'm a faker! What's weird about the game is that some of the songs are easier to play on a real guitar than on the guitar-like-controller. For example Cheap Trick's Surrender is a piece of cake for the rhythm guitar but on GH you have to pick up more lines which ultimately makes it harder to play. Anyway, it was really fun and I'm starting to see what it's such a popular game now.


SC (Unknown)

You've played with me twice might I add. Actual rockstars say they like the game because it helps them with their timing for when it actually is, rather than when they just think it is. I'm glad you're having fun with it though. Freebird!

BU (Unknown)

I smell a new gone-in-a-month obsession cooking... Got any wheat?

Mike (Unknown)

I don't even know where my PS2 is and I definitely don't have the money to spend on a plastic guitar. Otherwise I'd be totally down for a one-month-only obsession.

I always have wheat.

Ricky (Unknown)

I know where your PS2 is .. and you can borrow GH and a guitar anytime you want ... as long as I don't want to play it.



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