Dear ColdFusion Programmers | 04/24/07

Stop programming. Please. I have inherited another CF site and it makes me want to barf. You Java/.NET can slam PHP all you want--I at least recognize the power of your languages and can totally understand why people use them. ColdFusion is beyond me. Oh that's right, because an Office Assistant can make "updates" to your database without any sort of real knowledge. I hate the way your variables show up in #my.code# and how HTML-y it looks. I hate everything about your stupid language so stop using it! For the love of God!


Jamie (from Ohio) (Unknown)


KSB (Unknown)

Totally boring. I was hoping for a LOST update.

BU (Unknown)

The LOST post goes up on Thursdays, which in Redzeppelinland is next Monday.

Michael (Unknown)

You all make me laugh!

Mike (Unknown)

Dude(s)! I've had the blog for going on four years and I always update the day after. How else would I know what happens to me that day?

Too bad I don't live with Desmond. He'd know.

Sunshine (Unknown)

Ok... so I'm all late and stuff but you just need someone to show you the magic of coldfusion. CF could totally kick Javas behind in a fight to the variables.... Don't hate. :D Also. hi.

Mike (Unknown)

Long time no see! How's life?



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