Jin and Sun | 04/25/07

There's no way Sun is going to die. I'm calling it right now. No way. Their story is way too interesting for either of them to die. As a side note, when did Jin and Sun find time on the island to hump? Right after they got there? I like how Jin is somehow able to pick up random English words and use them. I really think he'd still be talking in one word sentences but that's just me. Where are Michael and Walt? Why did the Others let them go so easily? Because they knew they would die? Why would they take that chance? What's going on!


Elena (Unknown)

Ugh--evil Juliet. I don't think she was honest with Sun to begin with. AACK - only what, 4 shows left this season? I think Walt & Michael will be back for the Season finale!

SC (Unknown)

As a non-watcher of Lost, I always enjoy your rants on Thursday mornings. They really brighten my day. Also, your amazon add is stealing browser info since I can't imagine Warren Treadgold's Byzantine Army text would randomly appear. Go Cubbies, sweep this weekend.

BU (Unknown)

If Sun dies in 2 months, that's two more seasons. Easy "imminent death" which still allows her to live until the supposed end of the series.



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