Poker Legend | 04/29/07

I am a poker legend. I cemented this status by beating several tables of total strangers and am now a mere one game away from Fifth Street Poker paying by Buy-In at a World Series of Poker event. Awesome! The last time we played I made both of the final tables but was one of the first two out each time. On Sunday Ian called to assemble a group to go back. The first two games I made the final tables and finished fourth but the last game, after all my friends had left, man I kicked ass. When it came down to heads-up it was over. You just can't compete against the check-raise. Sorry. That's my move.

On Saturday Jamie got back into town from Ohio and picked up her and her mom from airport. Before that I had been working on building my SimCity and writing a couple new songs. Awesome!

On Friday I watched the Cubs game and bought some new websites and started work on a mass RSS aggregator. XML isn't exactly my favorite format to work with but since I need sites that can automatically update little pieces of themselves it's a crucial step. I also did a major reworking of Modest Funk Bus Line to turn it into a jazz trio. It's actually pretty awesome. I was pleasantly surprised.

I have tasked my vicious guard dog to ensuring the safety of my poker certificate.


BU (Unknown)

Did Chompy pee on the certificate and make your last name run? The useful part of XML is the fact that there are eighty million different third-party Java libraries for reading and writing it in any way you need.

Mike (Unknown)

I'm protecting my identity. Java doesn't help me. :/

Mike (Unknown)

Ok, now that I thought about it, here's what I hate about XML: attributes. If there were no inline attributes (<:id content="something">) and all of the attributes were stored in different nodes I'd be a happy guy. I just really hate parsing attributes.



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