Spidy Senses | 04/30/07

For the long list of bugs that scare me I always find it strange that spiders never make it onto that list. I was reminded of this when this big guy (that's a bath towel next to him) was lathering up in my bathtub. I think it's because spiders have small, non-boney-looking bodies where roaches, grasshoppers and crickets all have bodies you can definitely feel through the paper towel. The best thing about spiders, though, is they can't fly into your mouth. For whatever reason I am terrified of bugs flying into my mouth when I go to kill them. Anyway, I'm not sure what kind of spider this is but he met an unfortunate end with a bottle of Windex (to stun him of course) and about six sheets of paper towel.

Chris and I went back to play some poker and we didn't do so well. In my last game of the night I sat without a face card for 40m before going all-in with a suited Jack/six. Oh well. You can't win them all.


SC (Unknown)

That's a big honking spider. You too were afraid of spiders when you were younger, or at least you were too lazy to go kill them yourself. Probably the lazy part.

Jamie (Unknown)

Wow, I don't think I can come to your house anymore...scary!!!

Mke (Unknown)

See--I can be a man.

Jamie (Unknown)

PS: scrub your bathtub - it's dirty

Mike (Unknown)

Jamie (Unknown)

The good new is that there are a few other spiders that look like that...I made myself physically sick researching the many possibilities.



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