Oh John Locke | 05/02/07

First of all I'm sick, which is why there's been such a delay in entries. Onto Lost!

What a great episode! It's nice when things actually happen. I really enjoy seeing the development of the connections between the characters in the story. I don't think, as has been hypothesized by so many, the island is purgatory (or hell as suggested by John's dad) because I don't think it would really make sense for people to be able to die there. I'd like to know why Daniella needed TNT though. Someone is going down. And if every baby on the island dies, why is Alex alive? Anyway, there's a little part of me very, VERY afraid that this show could move all sci-fi and that would totally ruin it for me. So far I've been able to justify everything with plausible explanations (plausible for Lost anyway) but man, if they're in an alternate universe I'm done with that show.


Elena (Unknown)

So, what was up with Kate spilling the beans about Naomi? AND what was up with this big secret between Jack and Juliet??? ANSWERS!!! I need answers people!

Mike (Unknown)

Kate is just desperate to win Jack back and will do anything to get him. I thought for sure she was going to be announced as pregnant with a mini-Sawyer but no.

I'm not sure what the big secret is but I suspect it's "you're pregnant".



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