New Baby | 05/03/07

In the spirit of pushing out rugrats, Jamie's sister gave birth last night to little Sport. They're going to name him Leonard Lee IV and have been battling for a nickname. Jamie's sister's mother-in-law is a little bit flaky and I've taken to her idea of calling him Sport. haha, it reminds me of college when my old roommate Kevin would be call me sport...or big guy...or coach. I guess the ironic part is that I am now in fact a soccer coach. Speaking of which, it's our team's last game on Saturday so I'm ditching Habitat to go watch them play a game for the first time. Since the new head coach took over the same week I started they've been undefeated but the games are on Saturdays at the same time as Habitat so I haven't been able to go. The head coach asked me if I'd like to continue to help out with his traveling team so I think I'll do that to ensure I get outside at least once a week.




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