Sick as a Dog | 05/06/07

Man, I have been so sick since Thursday I barely was able to get off my contribution to Brian's Caption Contest. Since the rules say I can't directly solicit votes for mine, vote for the second-funniest one and that's probably mine.

I updated the baby photo from Thursday's entry so you could actually see the real Leonard Lee IV (Sport) instead of a baby seal. I was going to put a real baby at first but I didn't want to confuse anyone.

Since I was sick I had to miss my soccer team's last game of the year. That double sucks because I didn't get to see a single game. I'm not exactly sure what I would have done at the game anyway except hand people their water bottles. The head coach is a miracle worker and there's no way I'd ever tamper with his vision. At least I got a T-shirt for the season. Thanks Kurt!


Tree (Unknown)

What color is the shirt? Wow, a body temp of 37 degrees! You're lucky to be alive right now, let alone post!

Mike (Unknown)

I got lucky this time.



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