SUSSAI Forms | 12/02/03

Today has been a long day. And it's only 6:45pm. Class went smoothly this morning and the handing out of the SUSSAI (now called SPOT [student pounding of teachers]) went well. Of the six students from whom I expected to receive bad evaluations, only one of them showed up. Good thing vengeful students are typically lazy students. I came home between my second and third class to discover Chompy had helped herself to everything on my stove and destroyed one of those supposedly unbreakable glassesque bowls. The brand eludes me at the moment. Wait, it's Pyrex. I locked her in her crate when I left for the first time in over a year today before I went back to teach my last class. While I will miss teaching in general, I certainly will miss nothing about that godforsaken lab. This afternoon Jamie and I went to Olive Garden for a quick lunch, then I stopped to buy a couple more flannel pillowcases (gasp, might I have a matched set?) followed by my return visit to Best Buy to return some unwanted powerstrips. The last stop on the journey was to PetCo, for me to complete my pre-break fish purchases. With a week free of floaters, I decided to start to actual populating of the tank today. Fifteen new fish are now living in the tank. Although many websites advised against it, I decided to mix Cichlid breeds by adding some Central American Convicts (5), some sort of spotted Kenyan fish (similar to the ones I got yesterday, but younger) (4), some generic blue ones and some generic yellow ones. My receipt just says "Chichlid-Color". I can definitely see how that is useful, especially if you're going for the Ansel Adams' style fishtank. Whatever. They all seem to be doing well and I'm just waiting for "Bendy" one of the original Electric Yellows to die so I can bring him back to PetSmart. Bendy swam a little too close to the main filter and got sucked up next to it for (I'm guessing) about 4 hours. Now he's bent in half. He was the one that was sick anyway. I had a Bendy Sr. in the community bedroom tank but he died, duh. Tomorrow I am making my oboe debut in the oboe tech. class. That's going to be horrible, I know it. I'll feel really badly if Mike gets an F because I can't squeak out a note. I should bring my minidisc recorder, though, just in case I'm that good. Also, I have given up proofreading because I hate it. Oh, Mary has a journal now. You're such a follower Mary. Seriously. If you want to see it go here.




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