Sympathy for the Benvil | 05/09/07

Well that title sucked. I guess Ben and Devil don't combine very well. Anyway. Last night's episode was awesome! I don't think Jack and Juliet can be trusted even though they will make a compelling case next Wednesday in fighting off The Hostiles. Why didn't anyone come looking for the Dharma people after they all were killed? If this is some sponsored research wouldn't it be a little suspicious that everyone they sent had been replaced in the cameras by some smelly hippie? On another note, there's no way John Locke is dead. And wouldn't that grave have filled in by now unless it was very, very recent? And whatever happened with the second plane that crashed on the island at the end of Season 2?

I am going to start posting audio files of every song on my playlist in the hopes of getting myself into the right frame of being a musician again. I hope by at least having to write about a song a little each day I'll slowly remember what it's like to be around it. Today's song is Alice in Chains - Heaven Beside You. Killer intro. How's that?




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