Alice in Chains | 05/10/07

Yesterday I met with Dr. C about finishing my second masters and it looks like I have about a month to do one more "final" copy of the translation, write the prologue section and create a bunch of long examples. Unlike years past I actually want to do. Rather than coming up with philosophical reasons why this steaming hunk of text will have no scholarly impact I have simply outlined an area of my office wall with painter's tape where my degree would go (not that I have any of the real ones hung up anyway) and it needs to go there.

Continuing my all-playlist list, we still have Alice in Chains but today's song is Man In The Box. Alice in Chains will always remind me of high school because I traded some CD for the AiC Jar of Flies album. I listed to it a lot in the hopes of being able to quickly acquire knowledge of popular music but it wasn't really until I got to college and suddenly had unlimited mp3s at my disposal that the goal was really reached.

I'm not missing the 12 of 12 this month.




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