Jerry Farwell Dead | 05/15/07

So Jerry Farwell is dead. One of the things that lead to my abandonment of Catholicism was that it seems so arbitrary for people to decide which groups God hates. My personal feeling on Farwell was that he was a hate-mongering white robe that needed tangible enemies of the church and he liberally attacked any group he felt could win more fervent support from his followers. As a member of "Immoral Minority" I guess he would condemn me to hell for thinking interracial marriage is a-okay and that needlessly bringing in children to the world that are not going to be cared for or loved is way better than deleting a ball of cells. Oh well, I'll try not to loose too much sleep over it.


P-Chris (Unknown)

You think interracial marriage is okay? not me. Man are you gonna be living in the hot place.

Mike (Unknown)

That's probably true. Speaking of hot...interracial marriage. "Yeah buddy" -Ricky

William (Unknown)

We've all done wrong, we will all die, and then be judged. Who will pay for your sins... you or Jesus? Oh and what you believe won't change it

Mike (Unknown)

Like I said, I'll try not to loose too much sleep over it.



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