They're coming--RIGHT NOW | 05/16/07

Even though nothing really happened I thought that was a pretty darn good episode of Lost. I hate to say this but I was *almost* sad that Charlie was going to die even though I've been rooting for him to die since practically day 1. I'm not really sure what's going on with that underwater station. I painstakingly made a near screenshot-quality drawing of the underwater station and I don't really understand how it can be completely submerged with a swim-in AND an air-filled room. I don't know much about liquid states but I'm pretty sure they move around and fill in where they can. And just because some hot chicks with guns live there I don't think that's enough for water to abandon one of its favorite properties. It was nice to see Rose and her husband again; I had forgotten they were still there. I would also like to know how many extras are still alive. Are the survivors down to only the main characters now? I guess all the questions will be answered in a two-hour finale next week.


BU (Unknown)

The water could only come in if the air were to go somewhere else. The reinforced metal skeleton of the station keeps the air bubble in place.

Tree (Unknown)

Man that looks messed up. Like from a nightmare.

Mike (Unknown)

Oh come on. The water itself wouldn't be able to create a seal to keep the air in. If nothing else, Charlie's entering would have broken it. And there's no way they could have pumped in enough air initially to keep the water "out" with their limited resources. Unless Jacob did it.

I did the best I could with the drawing.



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