Viva Commercial | 05/17/07

If you've never seen this Viva commercial you're missing out on the possibly the worst commercial in the history of the world. First of all let me say that if there is one thing in your house not to skimp on it's paper towel and Viva is hands-down the best. I should know because I have made some significant messes from time to time. I hate this commercial because (first of all) no one's mom would ever do that. Ever. I can tell you this--if that had been me, my ass would STILL be sore from the punishment. Secondly, is that bottle of orange soda magical? How on earth is that kid able to shoot a huge stream of like that at his mom, wait a few seconds and then, simply by pointing it at her, able to make it shoot full blast again? He didn't even re-shake it while covering the hole at the top!


Tree (Unknown)

Yeah I've seen that commercial too. My mom would have hit me and beaten me down silly. "You made that mess?? I'll show you a mess! BAM! No toys or playtime for you!!" Glad to see you haven't softened in your old age. No real mother would ever tolerate such wreckless descent. That's what I hate about these commercials. Stupid new age commercials and their product touting nature of "what goes and is tolerated... your kid is a fuck up, and we have the answer!" Seriously, my god. There is hell to pay.

Mike (Unknown)

And to think you kiss your momma with that mouth.

Tree (Unknown)

Like I'd ever do such a vile thing. And remember I have no mother. You proboby don't have Midas mechanic stores down there, but there was this commercial of this lil shittin' snot nosed brat who had this pet lizard on a sidewalk, and he went to show it to scare 3 girls. Of course they scream, they run, he goes after them, drops his lizard in the road and a second later, a car almost hits him at a stop sign. And the driver woman SMILED after he popped his head up and walked away like he didn't owe a fucking thing to the world. Commercial was about Midas brake pads. You know what would have happened if we did that, especially for a lizard the size of a crayon? They would have beaten our asses senselessly, thrown us against the wall, whip us in the ass with a belt, and make it so you wished you had gotten hit by that car! "Trust the Midas touch!... otherwise bad brakes will cause your stupid children to get hit by cars."

Mike (Unknown)

We do have that down here--the Lizard is named Spike. It's cute.

Go Cubs :)

SC (Unknown)

I just tried this whole "shooting orange drink without shaking" thing and found it to be quite successful. It isn't actually anything to do with the soda, but the energy field created by the roll of Viva in my kitchen that causes it to shoot out so that Viva can prove its worth. I couldn't believe it either. Without this great commercial, I never would have known. Thanks Viva, for giving me a way to bond with my children. (dorky thumbs-up smile)

tsherry (Unknown)

This commercial ticks me off. I really get angry anytime it's aired. So what do we do now reward foolish behaviour. The kid is not five years old and his mother's response echoes just what's wrong with parenting today.It insults my intelligence don't they test market these ads?



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