Before and After: Finishing my paper wasps | 05/20/07

This weekend was mostly boring, filled with thesising and not playing poker. Jamie came back from Temple on Sunday. I cleaned the house in preparation for her return which included Raiding the army of paper wasps that had build a thriving community of stinging on my back screen door. With the Big Bopper out and only the rice-sized babies present I gave my whole back door a thorough coating of Raid. I haven't seen any of the wasps since. Bam. Take that.

In other news the Cubs took two of three from the hated White Sox had likely would have swept the poor-hitting enemies had the game not been postponed mid-comeback. Oh well. Hard to believe it's May already. Where does the time go?


Tree (Unknown)

It's been May for 20 full days, Alice. Did some of that Raid not find itsway to wasps nest, there, buddy? Go White Sox!

Mikey Ray (Unknown)




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