Stupid Me | 05/21/07

Last night Chris, Jamie and I made the trot over to CP to play some poker. Although I made both of my final tables (finishing 3rd and then 5th) my night was completely ruined by my inability to remember what cards I had in my hand. In the first game I had enough chips to stay alive until the first seven people went out but with two huge stacks against me I didn't really have much of a chance. The second game though, oh that second game, I had a ton of chips. I was bluffing up a storm and just raking in the chips. At the time of the hand I had the second-most at the table and was biding my time to take out the female, white-trash chip leader. Finally I got my chance with 2/4 suited; I wound up with a set of twos and kindly checked to her to lure her into my trap. Sure enough the snaggle-toothed slut raised me some paltry sum and I immediately re-raised all in. She flipped over top pair and I whipped down my 2/4. Except that it wasn't a 2/4, it was a 4/6. At some point I should have double checked my cards. Not only did I have trip twos, my five highest cards were on the table. I yelled some expletive starting with F and everyone at the table must have thought I was crazy. Oh well, at least I'm not a redneck. A snaggle-toothed redneck slut. Bam.


Tree (Unknown)

Ah those Cubs fans. Always forgetting to look at their cards.

SC (Unknown)

While I can't say anything negative about Cubs fans (two out of three) I must say your anger at the country slut is amusing.



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