Austistic Children | 12/03/03

Today was a somewhat exciting day. I see the editor I use for this page is telling me that it takes 144 seconds to load. I can't imagine that's true. 144 seconds over 28.8. Ok, but still. Who had a 28.8 modem? Hell, who even has a modem anymore? I woke up to talk to my German professor, Dr. Stanely one last time. She's the kind of professor that I would like to be. A very pleasing mix of strict but funny. I know most of the other kids (I guess they're adults now) really hated her, but I thought she was great. I can't imagine the difficulty of teaching a graduate class when no one wanted to be there and everyone thought the topic (learning German) was too far from their field to bother with passive construction or dating clauses. And the art history kids (or 80-year old returning students) were too busy whining and talking about Degas to even hear half the stuff that was said. I thought music students complained a lot. Boy, I'll never say that again. Those A.H. brats are out of control. "I don't understand why they can't just have one conjugation of every verb. Oh, did you see that Renoir? I love him. Oh, I just don't understand how he was so underappreciated in his time. Oh! I saw that new exhibit by that one guy from NY? Yeah, he sucks because I don't get it. And I know everything about art. Which is why I don't actually create art. Because I'm too busy having to explain every artist before me to you peons." They might not all be that bad, but most of them are. There's actually one cool one in my class but the rest are the reason that artistic children are beat up. Whew, for a second I thought I typed autistic children. I didn't though, obviously. I gave the world premier of the Geek-something solo for Unaccompanied Solo Oboe this morning at around 10:30am. To view this masterpiece, click here. While I was not accepted into the DM Program at FSU after my performance (for not having contrasting pieces, oops), I did receive a call from the University of Florida later this afternoon to ask about my qualifications for a possible professorship in Oboe. Playing the oboe was not as hard as I expected. Whether this had to do with my gifted teacher or my innate talent for all things ending in the letters oe, it was very easy to make sounds and on the whole think things went really well. I hope Mike got an A, though, and he wasn't marked down too heavily for my inability to make it speak without about 40 seconds after I started blowing. It's kind of like Chompy getting picked on by other dog. Yeah it sucks at first, but once you get her going', it's all good because there's some ass-kicking goin' on. I got an A- on my HoMT presentation for being "too relaxed in front of the class". I guess I could have been nervously twitching and speaking really fast but I guess my lack of preparation kept me from being weird. I also apparently had my hand in my pocket and "need work on my cartography". That's fine. I'm not getting a degree in art. Art History, though... I also went to the dog park today and Chompy and The Ab ran around tag team abusing other dogs. It was a nice day. Something really funny happened when I was there and I wish I could remember it. Man, getting old is the worst.
Oh, here are some pictures of my fishtank, taken by Theory-Chris. Thanks, yo. Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3




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