Lost: Season Finale | 05/23/07

Even though I have been as sick as a dog the past couple days I'm glad I was able to stay awake long enough to watch the season finale of Lost. Even though a lot happened I feel like it was on for more like 30 minutes instead of two hours. We picked up some good information: Jack will grow a beard and Kate will be still be hot post-island. I would have to imagine it was Locke's funeral that Jack attended but I guess it could be anyone's.

It's interesting that now The Others are outnumbered and I would have to think that they will now consolidate with The Survivors. I was disappointed that, although Sayid is my favorite character, he, Jin and "The Dentist" weren't actually killed. One of the things I really liked about Lost was that there were actual repercussions for actions and not Grey's-Anatomy-style off-the-hooking. Oh well. And Hurley driving that car into camp was kind of lame but I guess that's why we had to endure the episode where he found it.

As Jamie pointed out, why didn't Charlie just open the door to escape death? Because he thought he was supposed to die when in fact it could have been easily averted? Weirdy. And how did he find the time to underline boat on his hand? PLUS, wouldn't the destruction of the window have blown up Brian's air-seal? Whatever. I guess now the wait is on.


Elena (Unknown)

We've been theorizing that it might be Ben in the casket. That would make sense why NO one was there....but Locke did kind of betray them by trying to make sure that Jack didn't make the call....could go either way.

Mike (Unknown)

I didn't even think about Ben--that would make more sense than Locke. Surely Locke would have brought out at least SOMEONE. Ah, Lost. What a great freaking show.

Jamie (Unknown)

Good work Elena -- I didn't think of Ben either, but that makes perfect sense! I'm so glad Sayad isn't dead...he's one of my favorites. And, if he'd actually been shot, we wouldn't have been able to see him kill a man between his feet.

BU (Unknown)

Michaer's in the casket!

BU (Unknown)

Recently, rumors have been circulating that Perrineau could reprise his role on Lost as early as next season. Perrineau tells me that a return to Lost could happen. "It is a possibility," he says. "I just don't know when and if it's going to happen. [...] For my part, I hope Michael and Walt are part of that. So, there has been talk but no official talk yet." In terms of potentially further exploring his character on Lost, Perrineau says, "I think it would be really great to find out what happened to [Michael and Walt]. I hope something great happened to them. I hope they come back to save those people they were there with. That's just me as an audience and fan member." So, I'd theorize Michael returns at some point to help his karma (like Sawyer/Juliet returning to the beach) and tries to help the survivors but most people can't get over the fact that he shot two people. Why else would Walt be in the finale? They could have easily used Boone like they did all the other times when they needed a dead-sending.

Mike (Unknown)

Miker!! I thought the same thing when saw Walt; that they'd be coming back or else we'd have seen the oft-used Boone instead. I can't wait to hear Jin say "Miker!" one more time.



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