110% Percent | 05/28/07

You'll be pleased to know the final step to my 2nd masters, the dreaded thesis, is done. Hooray. Now, onto more exciting matters.

You know what I hate? When people use percentages that are over 100%. Don't get me wrong, if you're talking about your portfolio and you're seeing gains of 110% well, good for you. However, if you're a sportscaster you should never, EVER, be allowed to say "he's really giving 110 percent." Look, you CAN'T give over 100% to anything. 100% is all you've got. If I have $1.00 I can't spend $1.10. It's impossible. So unless there's some extra effort credit card, and I don't think there is, stop using percentages that are over 100% to describe non-mathy things. I guess it's ok if you're a mathlete.




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