Freedom | 05/29/07

With all but the administrative parts of my thesis done and Jamie out of town I'm celebrating. Last night Matt came over to work on some tunes. Now that Lost is over I might go play poker on Wednesdays. I've got the time.

More than anything I really could use some sleep. For the past couple weeks I had been in a vicious cycle of Starbucks throughout the day and NyQuil at night. Man, that stuff really works.

I don't know why I keep rooting for the Cubs. You'd think after nearly 30 years I'd get the hint they suck but I don't. I just don't understand how they can still have so many problems with one of the largest payrolls in baseball. It's like each section is really good, but never in the same year as any other section. Last year the starters were awful and the bullpen was fantastic. Now it's the opposite. And the Just anemic. Oh well. I wish I got paid millions to totally suck at my job.


Tree (Unknown)

You should be like teenage girls and throw Nyquil parties.



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