Nappy Time | 06/05/07

Man, I have been slacking on the old blog. I feel like recently I've been sitting in front of the computer more than ever so I've been hesitant about taking on the difficult task of posting a blog entry.

Let's see, what's happened the past week. I've lost at poker a few times, including an especially bad showing on Sunday where I managed to go out first in an at-home poker game. I think after playing "out" so many times I just wanted to play a lot of hands so I did. Stupid decision. I'll post the new PCS standings tomorrow (no really) once I dig out the formula.

I'm having a hard time putting a committee together for my thesis since everyone is out of town. Looks like I might have defend after July 2nd and let it post in the fall semester. That sucks since I cranked it out thinking I could have it on my transcripts at the end of the summer. Time will tell.


Tree (Unknown)

'Bout time you updated the TurdBlog!! I updated my TurdBlog too.



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