Always the Bridesmaid | 06/06/07

Jamie was able to get out of her training session early last night and she and I drove out to Fourth Quarter for some poker where we found Chris and indulged in some beers and crinkle fries. I finished second twice and fourth twice. Both times that I finished second my cards turned into absolute crap once it got to heads-up. Jamie bullied my continuous 5-2 off-suited hands to finish her comeback from two chips. The second time I pushed the other guy in with J/4 suited and got spanked. I was just so happy for a face card I didn't know what to do. My cards *might* have rivaled Ian's on Sunday for the worst batch of heads-up cards in the history of poker. Anyway, as promised here are the PCS rankings from Sunday:

Week 10:
1) Chris (IH,JB)
2) Ian (RH, CP)
3) Jamie
4) Renee (MC)
5) Christen
6) Mike

PCS Rankings:
1) Mike (2.40)
2) Ian (2.88)
3) Chris (3.00)
4) Jamie (4.57)
5) Christen (4.85)
6) Renee (4.90)


Jamie (Unknown)

I won a certificate!! Somewhere, in the future, I now have the chance to play more games that could lead to more games, that could lead to even more games, that could possibly, maybe, result in a seat at the WSOP. Hooray :)



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