Minor League Baseball | 06/11/07

How much would it suck to perpetually be on the bubble between AAA and Major League baseball? You get called up for one, maybe two games--you get one, maybe two at bats and then you get shipped back to some remote location. I bring this up only because when we saw the Cubs lose to the Braves the Cubs had called up Mike Fontenot and he did really well. He and Ryan Theriot have done exceedingly well this year and I like seeing the new guys play, even if $100m is sitting on the bench at any given time. I like seeing the new guys because they always run out the ground balls. If you were getting paid millions of dollars a month you'd better run those out. Yet they don't.

Jamie's birthday is tomorrow!


Tree (Unknown)

You know what I always say! "Minor League Baseball means Minor League FUN." It's not bad when the tickets are cheap, the parking is free and you don't mind watching a bunch of sloppy crummy no-name players, but damn, I wish it wasn't so loud like a circus and full of hundreds and hundreds of screaming brats who are too busy watching their cotton candy than the ball game.



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