Anniversadventure | 06/10/07

Jamie and I celebrated a belated four year anniversary by driving up to the ATL to see the Braves beat the Cubs. The stadium was filled with Cubs fans--maybe 30%-40% and truth be told, all of the Braves fans were very nice. The back-and-forth was all good-spirited except possibly when people were in our seats when we first got there. Even that worked out fine though. We hit the Ikea on the way up so Jamie could look at desks for her new apartment in Philly but we came out empty handed. Those Ikeas are some big stores. When we were up there a few years ago they had just opened and it seemed like there was an infinite amount of floors and displays. While it was still overwhelming this time, it didn't seem nearly as impressive. We stayed at the Hilton and it was pretty nice. Always feels good to pad the pockets of Paris, you know? Charity work. On the way back we stopped at some crappy outlet mall and I bought a T-shirt since it was 100% and I had only brought a long-sleeved shirt with me. It was a lot of fun and I'd definitely make the trip again.

Special thanks to Chris for watching my mean pit bull while we were gone!




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