13 of 13 | 06/13/07

Here's Jamie's 12/12 to celebrate her birthday!

8:30am: With impending shoulder surgery, Jamie gets all the hair ripped out from her underarm. Ouch.

1:15pm: Company picnic. These, friends, are your Floridian tax dollars hard at work.

2:30pm It wouldn't be a day at a rape shelter without subpoenas calling Jamie into court. I blurred out all of the good information but the guy is totally guilty.

6:30pm: Hollywood Video called to give Jamie two free birthday videos. I'm not allowed to rent there because they lost the payment of one of my Lost DVDs. I made a scene in the store. Happy Birthday :/

7:30pm: Quick stop at Publix to get some birthday wine. It's only a bottle more than Jamie drinks on a non-birthday day.

A new dress came in the mail. It matches the neon green walls well I would say.

8:30pm: Time for my haircut. I know how to treat people for their birthday right? That's about half of the hair that came off.

Who's that sexy guy coming out of a haircut? It's me! And look how excited I am to be rid of my mullet.

9:00pm: Oh Abby, it's time for your fur cut. Don't look so excited.

Here's the cake I got from Tasty Pastry. It was delicious!

11:00pm: Wake up Abs! It's time to party!

Give me all your cakes and ice creams. Put them all in my mouth.

Bonus: Here's us at the Cubs/Braves game from last weekend. Look at that mullet!


KBS (Unknown)

Awesome 12 of 12. Happy Birthday Jamie!

Beth (Unknown)

Nice pics! Abby is SOOOO cute!!

BU (Unknown)

That haircut/bathtub picture is going to be my new favourite Photoshop target in the coming year.

Mike (Unknown)

Good to know.



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