Music Theory Basketball | 12/04/03

Today was my last real day of doing anything significant. I taught my last three classes today (only one person showed up for the first one. Good thing I came 10 minutes late). I love the day after the SUSSAI forms because I can wear whatever I want. Today was a backwards Cubs hat and some torn-up jeans. Since I was essentially a lab monitor, I worked a lot more on my Finale help page, even though everyone (almost) is done with the project. The classes ran smoothly and I got my first ever round of hugs from students. Admittedly, I was unprepared for this because I never really thought of myself as a particularly likable kind of teacher. Oh well, there goes my bad-boy image. I spent the afternoon in the sub-basement archives of Strozier trying to find this long-lost dissertation. I did find it eventually but due to the lack of a working copier I only took what I needed from the original translation, which were all the parts in Latin. I've got a good start done on my paper (which is why I'm taking a break to type this) and man, is it boring. I am pleased that my Spanish skills haven't dropped off too badly since I was in Uruguay. One of the $11 fish has been swimming in a weird 0 shape for about an hour. Down past his rock, up the other side to the top and then down again. You'd think he'd get tired of it but I guess not. I had my first MIA, the female Electric Yellow Cichlid is dead I'm sure but there's no corpse to look at. All the rest seem to be doing ok. I had a fast lunch with Bryan before returning home to not-work-on-my-paper. Somehow when I adjusted my watch's date today, I must've messed up the hour hand and because of this I missed the first 20 minutes of our German test. Oops. I still passed the class but I am very relieved that I do not need to take the real test. Since I'm in a procrastinating mood, here is my rant for the day:
Lab monitors and what exactly is wrong with them
I hate lab monitors, as I'm sure most of you do. They know nothing about computers, computer software and are even lacking basic communication skills. Let's take Lab Monitor A, who I share the lab with on Thursdays. This person could not be any more disruptive to my class if "it" was able to belch the Waldstein on solfedge. Furthermore, this person listens to some loud, loud, horrible music so loudly, in fact, I can hear it with my headphones on when I'm (trying to) listen(ing) to a student's project. This "thing" insists on answering questions I ask to the class and making comments in the middle of my "lecture", not that I really lecture about anything. Onto Lab Monitor B. This one isn't nearly as annoying. However, it knows literally nothing about computers and its only reply to your problem is "reboot the f-----r". While yes, sometimes the f----r does need rebooting, sometimes you only need to plug the keyboard back into the keyboard slot or turn the volume up on the speakers. Lab Monitor C has never said a word to me and it only nods when I walk in. The problem is that it is so quiet it never kicks people out of the lab when I have to teach so I have to do it in a not-so-nice way. I don't get paid enough to tell people to get out and have them talk back to me (which is a mistake. I have lots of good one-liners). Like, Lab Monitor C, doesn't even tell people there IS a class. What's worse is that these idiot students just walk right in and sit down. Hello? How many people are standing up, wearing very nice clothes and telling everyone what to do? Are people that stupid? Yes. Yes they are. I'm not saying I'd be a good lab monitor. I don't care that your Craptica Musica file doesn't work or that there's no paper in the printer. That's not my fault (you're stupid). I don't really have a solution but I can certainly find problems. Maybe I should consider a career in politics.
That fish is still swimming that same route. What a weirdo. I talked to Dr. Shaftel today about playing basketball so it looks like we will indeed have a team put together for the spring semester. Whether it's the city league again or the FSU Intramural team is still to be decided. I don't really care as long as I get to punch another fat, old man who is trying to prove he's not fat and old in the stomach again. Hopefully, he won't inflict any damage to my teammates first this time. Yeah, Maxx Attack, I'm totally talking about you. You old, fat men. And nice knee brace. That's very becoming. Becoming like some old man becoming dead. Or senile. I think I'll stop now. Oh, we made it to 500 hits today. Neat.




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