House Flipping | 06/20/07

Could there be a single worse feeling in the world that seeing the house you bought on one of the zillions of "flip that house" shows? Like it wouldn't be bad enough knowing that you paid an extra $60k for a house that you could have fixed up yourself, but seeing how poorly most of the work was done? Seeing that the bathroom water damage was just pained over or that the kitchen tile is held in place by dog excrement and Bazooka bubble gum because the 450-credit-score flipper couldn't afford grout. I'm constantly amazed by how seemingly incompetent people can still make $30k on a house in two months. Even if they have no skills whatsoever, they're still able to somehow make a profit. It makes me want to flip a house. But if I'd feel too guilty knowing I'd put the kitchen cabinets on backwards and clearly you have to be able to repress that feeling.

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KBS (Unknown)

Four new updates at once, I don't even know where to begin, although I sense an overwhelming fish theme. I'm glad you're eating fish. Fish is good.

BU (Unknown)

They're all superfishal.



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