Deadliest Catch | 06/19/07

I've been up late at night working on stuff so I've seen a lot of Deadliest Catch, a show that's been on the Discovery Channel for some time now. Since every episode is EXACTLY THE SAME it must some weird quality that makes you keep watching it. I think the script is exactly the same each episode:
Captain: We aren't catching any crabs.
Deckhand: Oh no.
Greenhorn: I'm stupid
Deckhand: Here, eat this cod heart while it's beating.
Greenhorn: It's gross and I'm lazy and scared and everyone hates me.
eats heart
Captain: He's now a man. Let us give him a jacket with a picture of our boat on the back.
Deckhand: Now our pots are full of crabbies.
All: Hooray! (Go State!)

I make fun of it, but I still watch it when it's on at 1am. It's a job I'd never do but it's fun to think I could when I know damn well I couldn't.




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