The Wharf: Tallahassee | 06/18/07

For dinner Jamie took me to The Wharf since I'd been carting her around since her shoulder surgery. Recently I've been trying to eat more fish so I tried the blackened grouper. Not that good. Maybe had it been blackened instead of having a single grain of salt on it it would been delicious but I always stupidly believe restaurants when they say something is going to be blackened. I want it BLACK. I want it covered in savory spices that burn my mouth and make me write blog entries saying it was TOO HOT. That's what I want. I want to complain that it was simply too hot for me to eat.

Back in the day, The Wharf was Manna and way better. The roasted potatoes there eventually caused Jamie to start making them. Mmmm. Their prime rib was good too. It was no Giorgio's blackened prime rib but still not too shabby. Now though, it's almost all seafood and since I had just had raw tuna over the weekend I figured grouper was the way to go. At least I'm finally expanding my foodrizons.




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