Poker Night Celebration | 06/17/07

There used to be a time when I'd ask every week "Can anyone beat me in poker?" and now I know the answer--yes, Chris can (and does regularly). He extended his winning streak to two and made a stunning comeback against yours truly and upstart Beth. Beth was visiting and put on an absolute poker clinic for the first 75% of the game. She bullied with the best of them and amassed a huge chip lead early. The poker gods were especially cruel to me this week, ensuring I lost all my hands on the river, including a 3000 chip pot when Beth hit a straight to topple my three jacks. I did my total best to knock her out of the put but she stuck with it and ultimately rendered me as an also-ran for the rest of the game. Ultimately, she too fell to Chris after trying several times to earn her second kill of the game. Kudos to Chris, who took down our largest pot of the year.

Special thanks to Matt and Rob who came out to celebrate Jamie's belated birthday with poker despite mixed results. Hopefully we'll see them both in the future as we keep playing.

Week 11
1) Chris (MC, BS, JB)
2) Mike (IH)
3) Beth (RA)
4) Ian (MF)
5) Jamie (RH)
6) Rob
7) Matt
8) Renee
PCS Rankings:
1) Mike (2.36)
2) Chris (2.81)
3) Ian (3.00)
4) Jamie (4.62)
5) Christen (4.85)
6) Renee (5.18)




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