Weekend Poker | 06/24/07

On Sunday we a large turnout for poker (9) and had a nice grill-out before we sat down to kill each other. Since we played early in the afternoon Tim was able to make the treacherous drive down from Thomasville and hopefully we still continue playing early on Sundays so he can continue to play. I was a little under-prepared with the amount of food I was going to need but that's how it goes. I didn't realize I had the back flames up so high and ended up burning the hot dogs a little bit but after eating a couple I didn't really notice.

Christen put on this week's clinic and killed half of the people playing the epically long game. I'd spent the past few days developing a browser-based poker game and thought after the knowledge I had acquired by coding it I would have been unstoppable. Wrong. At least I lost hands on bad beats instead of the river. I can live with my bad calls a lot better than I can when I get sucked out.

Week 12:
1) Christen (RH,CE,MC,AA)
2) Renee (IH)
3) Chris
4) Mike (JB)
5) Jamie (TB)
6) Tim
7) Amy (J?)
8) Ian
9) Jenn

PCS Rankings
1) Mike (2.50)
2) Chris (2.83)
3) Ian (3.45)
4) Christen (4.38)
5) Jamie (4.38)
6) Renee (4.91)


BU (Unknown)

I am impressed by this post -- truly worth the wait.

Mike (Unknown)

This isn't "the" post. I found a bug in my application that I need to fix before releasing it to the general public.

BU (Unknown)

Booty told me to tell you that this is unacceptable.



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