PHP Poker Script | 06/25/07

Ok, here's the much-anticipated poker script that I've been working very hard on. It needs some testing but surely you're up to the task of playing some heads-up poker against my website right? Here are the known bugs; please leave me comments if you find some more:
· You don't ever really *win*
· It doesn't always detect an A-5 Straight but will instead credit you with top pair instead
· It doesn't always split the pot correctly when both players have a flush

Essentially, you can "play" against any of the people that regularly plays poker. Since it's heads-up only and your only moves are fold and all-in (for now) each computer player has the traits of the actual people based by my jaded interpretation of how the player plays. There are three factors that weigh into each computer player: tightness, luck and tilt. The higher the tightness, the less likely the other person is to call with fair (or bad) cards. Luck looks at the cards in the computer's hand and gives an extra 1-3% push towards lucky players hitting straights and flushes and takes that same % away from unlucky players. Tilt looks as the current streak of the computer player and if they've won/lost more than three consecutive hands they start calling just about everything. So, without further ado, here are your possible poker combatants.

Mike: Tightness: 5/10, Luck: 4/10, Tilt: Likely

Jamie: Tightness: 4/10, Luck: 6/10, Tilt: Not likely

Chris: Tightness: 4/10, Luck: 5/10, Tilt: Definitely

Ian: Tightness: 9/10, Luck: 1/10 (only because it can't be 0), Tilt: Rare

Renee: Tightness: 2/10, Luck: Random!, Tilt: Likely

Christen Tightness: 7/10, Luck: 7/10, Tilt: Sometimes

Ricky: Tightness: Random!, Luck: Random!, Tilt: Sometimes

Good luck!


chabuka (10/14/11)


Tree (Unknown)

I went 74-31 vs. Mike.

Mike (Unknown)

That's pretty good.

BU (Unknown)

Okay that was pretty slick!

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah buddy.

Tree (Unknown)

Tho I wondered if you really would have folded with hands like A 2, K 5, 6 7, 2 2, 8 6, but whatever, I don't know much about poker. There was also a point in your game that I won like 20 straight hands I went from like 40-20 to 62-20. A lot of the times when I did lose (about 2/3rds to 3/4ths) it was that we both had the same highest card, but your 2nd card was higher). And what was that one thing card result, "Trips" or something?

Mike (Unknown)

Trips is three of a kind. I just didn't spell it out because I was feeling lazy.

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Joe (Unknown)


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