Music Theory Review | 12/05/03

I managed to oversleep past the Meg-Shih Chen review session for the HoMT review session at 9:00am this morning. I was really mad at myself when I woke up around 10. Oh well, such is life. Our last class consisted of SUSSAI forms and some stupid questions. I did my best to leave lots of comments on my SUSSAI because I know much I like to read comments. If I didn't have the most recognizable handwriting in the world I would have just signed my name but there was no room from the comments. Mine, obviously, is the one that looks like a turtle with a piece of lead taped to his belly walked around on a sheet of paper. After class we had a quick bite at the Charcoal Grill. Afterwards, I went back to the libraries and copied all the material I didn't have yesterday. I predict my paper to be about 35 pages long. A good portion of it, though, will be pages of musical examples with a single sentence. I sent an email out about playing basketball on Sunday. If you're reading this and didn't get the email, you're free to show up at Tom Brown Park around 11am Sunday morning. Chompy, The Ab, Sally and Hannah were together again at the dog park today. I'm amazed how much bigger Sally has grown. She's not quite as timid as she a couple weeks ago but I don't think Matt will have to worry about having an overly aggressive dog. I went to PetSmart and PetCo and neither had anything I was interested in buying. I was just trying to help the economy. Matt's birthday is on Sunday, so I might go to his birthday party tomorrow night. You only turn 30 once. Or so I hear. I thought Chris Rix (the fish) died today, but he was just suctioned to the hood and looked like he was floating. My friend and former FSU graduate Brian made a very nice picture of me and put it on his webpage today. It's me with my new aquarium in a cathedral. If I was half as good at him at half the things he's good at, I'd be one hell of a guy. But since I'm not, I can only complain. I tried to make a picture of Brian whipping me in Photoshop but it looked like him training a tiger with my head on it so I used that clock instead. I also think I fixed most of my typos over the past few days. I'm probably wrong, though.




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