Happy Fourth of July! | 07/03/07

NOTE: submissions are due by midnight for the Decipher The Lyrics Quiz.For the 4th we went over to Chris' house for some grilling and poker. We also managed to work in a lengthy game of Apples to Apples (Jamie won). Chris and I went in the backyard to throw the football around and were taunted by an upstairs apartment full of nine year olds who insisted we were "gaywads". I'm not sure when I last year that word but I think it was probably elementary school. They seemed to give up once we admitted yes, we were in fact gay lovers. They also reminded me that I have a difficult time catching a football.

When we got home we discovered Ab had been so scared of the fireworks she had tried to escape from her cage. To do this she chewed the bars together and then tried to force herself through the opening. Unfortunately her head was so big she could only get in as far as her snout but she had ripped it all apart pretty badly. Apparently she had also tried to claw the door open and there were shards of toenail everywhere. I'm not sure I've ever been around that much blood in my house and the fact it was coupled with both poop and toenails made it even worse. Because Jamie's arm is still in a sling guess who got to do most of the dirty work. That's right. In her defense though, she did scrub most of the blood out of the carpet while I was giving Ab a bath. Other than a really swollen snout and a couple bad cuts on her feet she is ok. We saw the vet this morning and he confirmed that she was no worse for the wear. Scary though. No one wants to see their pet in distress, let alone covered in blood.

Fourth of July Game
1) Jamie (RH,CE)
2) Renee (J?,CP,IH)
3) Chris (MC)
4) Ian
5) Mike
6) Christen
7) Jenn

PCS Standings:
1) Mike (2.71)
2) Chris (2.93)
3) Ian (3.38)
T4) Jamie (4.43)
T4) Renee (4.43)
6) Christen (4.77)


SC (Unknown)

Poor Ab. I'm glad that the vet said she is okay. No more fireworks for her. I also can't catch a football to save my life, well maybe not as bad you, but we'll figure it out around Christimas or whenever I see you next. Any chance of FSU games this year?

Mike (Unknown)

Of course. Whenever you want to come down. I'll get the tickets. Just look at the schedule and let me know--there are only five home games though.

Even though I can't catch it very well I still managed to throw it 35/40 yards on target with a tight spiral. That should be worth something.



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